Tour Packages
Short Excursions
NET 11 Historic Routes by Air 6 days.
  NET 12 Historic Routes by Air 8 days.
  NET 13 Historic Route with Simien Mountains National park by Air 7 days.
  NET 14 Historic Routes by car 16 days.
  NET 15 OMO VALLEY: ARBAMINCH, Konso, TURMI, KARO and MURSI, 9 days, (usually called OMO Valley).
  NET 16 OMO VALLEY: ARBAMINCH, TURMI, KARO, MURSI, and YABELO 12 days, (usually called OMO Valley).
  NET 17 Jimma, Bebeka, Surma, Omo national park, Nyangatom and Wenchi Crater Lake 12 days.
  NET 18 Danakil Depressions by air and car 8 days.
  NET 19 Danakil Depressions by car 10 days.
  NET 20 Danakil Depressions with Tigray Rock Hewn Churches 9 days.
  NET 21 Danakil Depressions with Lalibela Rock Hewn Churches 10 days.
  NET 22 Simien Mountains National Park 12 days.
  NET 23 Bale Mountains National Park 8 days.
  NET 24 Surma Area Trekking 12 days.

We use our own vehicles, Toyota Land Cruisers, 4WD Toyota Minibuses and Coaster Buses, but if you would prefer to travel by public transport, by buses or hired taxis, by horse, mule or on foot, we can arrange it for you.

NET guides can go with you all the way, and make sure you do not miss anything, informing you about historical sites, local culture and customs, birdlife and wildlife, and about social, economic and political developments in the regions visited and the country as a whole.

These tour itineraries and prices (detailed itineraries for each tour are available on request) are based on what are essentially popular routes for visitors, but NET can organize tailor made itineraries according to your interest (and budget). We can alter and mix itineraries, and organize expeditions to places away from traditional tourist routes, such as the Afar Region, Gambella, and the capital of Emperor Tewodros at Maqdela in Wollo.



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